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Our Period Relief Jumper

Introducing the cosiest, most comfortable piece of clothing you'll ever own.

Uniquely designed, this fleece features 2 discreet heat pack pockets on front and lower back, along with essential oil collar pockets. Our heat packs are created especially to fit flush & discreetly into the fleece promoting relief & calmness to the body & mind.

This jumper can be used in limitless ways. Get the ultimate calming experience at home, at work, during exams, on cooler days or cuddled up watching your favourite film.

  • Supporting a community of like-minded women.

  • Creating solutions for a painless period.

  • Natural & holistic approach for a healthier mind, body and soul.

  • Recommended by the professionals.

Sage Hemp Set

Perfect for those that experience bloating and discomfort. These luxurious sets are soft & non-restricting allowing for 24/7 comfort.

Crafted from our sustainable hemp cotton fabric, this is a mid-weight long sleeve set made for year-round wear.