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How to relieve Endometriosis pain naturally

If you have endometriosis or if you know someone who has it, you will understand just how painful this condition can be. The stomach, abdomen walls, pelvic floor, and lower back are all common areas of endometrial pain. Since a lot of this pain has a muscular component, heat therapy is an effective form of treatment. This can be very effective at easing this pain by relaxing the muscles and reducing cramping.

If you use two heat packs to simultaneously soothe the stomach and lower back, it may relieve symptoms more rapidly. The Calm Crew jumper was specifically designed to treat these two common pain areas. Inserting heat packs in both the front and back of the jumper for 20 minutes on/20 minutes off is both soothing and relaxing and something you can do even when you are on the go.

calming jumper on bed

Relieving stress is also important and practicing meditation, mindfulness, breathing, yoga or using essential oils can also help to reduce stress, relax your body and reduce pain. Be sure to eat lots of vegetables and omega-3s, cut down on animal products, and eat organic and gluten-free, if possible. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water can also help to reduce bloating and cramping.