How long will my order take to get to me?

Depending on your location, delivery will normally be 2-8 business days. Please refer to the product page for any additional delays.

How can I contact you?

Please contact us at  info@calmcrew.com

Do you make kid’s sizes?

We currently working on our kids range. Please let us know what sizes you require.



Heat Pack

How long do I need to heat my heat pack for?

Follow the heating instructions on the sewn-in label and read the instruction card supplied before using. 

Can I wash my heat pack?

Please do not wash your heat pack. The wheat must not get wet. If you have a stain on the fabric – a gentle alcohol wipe can be used to remove the stain.

How long should my heat pack last?

We recommend that you replace your heat pack after 12 months if it has been used regularly. As soon as your heat pack does not retain its heat for as long as it did, it is time to throw it away and purchase a new one, as the wheat is now at its use-by date. If you smell a burning smell it is also time to throw away your heat pack.



Essential Oils

How should I store my oils?

Essential oils need to be kept away from heat and direct sunlight, as these can destroy some of the active constituents in the essential oil and reduce the quality.

Do oils go off?

Providing you’ve kept the oil away from heat and light, your young living essential oil should last you about 5,000 years!

How much do I get out of my oils?

3 Drops are all you need to experience a strong scent from your oil pads. Our 10mL bottles contain 200 - 222 drops.





The LUNA Belt

Does the Luna Belt have a warranty? 

Yes, a 1 year warranty on any manufacturing faults. Please refer to the manual for any troubleshooting. 

How hot does the luna belt heat to?

The luna belt has 3 heating levels, 40°C, 45°C and up to 50°C


Find out why our products are great for you and your wellbeing.

Help Ease Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety and stress can disrupt your everyday life. Stress and anxiety can cause physical, mental or emotional symptoms and can increase your breathing and heart rate. However, through the use of heat, smell and a weighted comforter, your heart rate can be lowered so the body can reach a feeling of overall calmness.

The pressure and heat of the heat packs inserted into the Calm Crew, can put your nervous system into “rest” mode, helping aid symptoms associated with anxiety, such as a rapid heart rate or breathing.

This alongside our Anxiety and Calming Essential Oil blend, can bring the body to an overall sense of calm.

Period Pain & Muscular Relief

The Calm Crew was designed for people who suffer from endometriosis, muscular pain, period pain or abdominal pain. Studies have shown that applying heat externally to the abdomen and lower back can provide some relief to internal pain.

We also recommend our Anxiety Essential Oil blend that features Lavender and Ylang Ylang oils, both known to help ease pain.   

With the use of heat and our essential oil blend in your Calm Crew, we’ve found a natural therapeutic way of decreasing discomfort from pain. And with our discreet clothing design, the Calm Crew gives you flexible pain relief in a jumper, whether you are at work, running errands, walking the dog or in the comfort of your own home.

Increased Mental Focus

The pressure and stress of exams, study or work can sometimes cause brain fog.

Our Mental Clarity Essential Oil blend was developed to improve focus and concentration, especially for exams, work presentations or simply when you need more focus and clarity.

Apply a couple of drops of our Mental Clarity blend to the diffuser pads worn in the Calm Crew, to help stimulate the mind and enhance mental focus.